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+ Perth based film addict

I have always had a strong love of movies. Unashamedly, from very early on I was obsessed with Star Wars. This quickly turned to surfing and skating videos, but over time transitioned into a more tasteful appreciation for all things Wes Anderson.

The majority of my projects to date have all been done for the passion of creating. It is very special to be able to witness something, capture it, and share it with others in a way that tells them a story.

+ Hand crafted visuals with intention

With an obsession for film, music, digital media and marketing, each time I pick up the camera it is with intention. Understanding that people’s time is precious, instigates a desire to deliver something that is not only visually appealing, but that delivers in a succinct manner.

+ Reach out

I truly love making videos, so please get in touch to have a chat about your vision and project. Or if you like, we can have a chat about the surf forecast instead.